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Vibrations is my last album.

A day or so after False Flag opertation started I found myself one last time calling Idan. saying- you told me I will be back. You were right. 

This solo album, the only one where I am no longer a singer but mere pianist, was improvised as we've recorded it, almost all of it's track are live. 

Vibrations is inspired by war, massacre and mainly love.  An act of God, miracles and simplicity of beauty. 

I have no words to acknowledge and thank Idan Armoni, for his humble , abundant, beautiful and professional approach for this album.

He is of profound, essential blessing to it as he always have been for my music, Without Idan none of this would have happened. 

I wish to dedicate this album to Michaell Hadad, a twin soul and a passionate lover, a brave worrier of the heart.  You inspired my creation in unbelievable ways and taught me a new fire.

Mor Carmi

Israel-Palestine 2023


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