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At the age of seventeen I was first introduced to Wallach (1944-1985) poems, by my admired literature teacher, Prof. Ariel Hirchfeld - Bless his vision and courage. The writings astounded and overwhelmed me,  and at about the age of 23 I've started composing it. It was a long process of many years and many of her songs. 

Sooner then later I have found myself living life on the edge, diving too easily into Yonna's world and subconscious conversation, a world of sweet and profound darkness. Of hard, liberated sex and thought forms. Of unlimited passion to love, to know, to reach. Of God beyond any convention, a direct experience,  an intimate one.

One day it was clear to me it is time. Her time. I came to Idan and said: I have to do it. All by myself, with you. 

In some of the songs I took the liberation to slightly change the original text, for the benefit of the music. I know Yonna will approve. I see her presence whenever I play her songs.

Mor Carmi, Reihan, 2020

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