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"by Allah, I long to escape the prison of my ego, and loose myself in the mountains of the desert"


My living surrounding," Israel" to some," Palestine" to others, is rich in human texture, politically harsh, and hold a beautiful potential of a dialogue between east and west. My neighbors are Jews and Muslims, Arabs and European, Israelis and Palestinians. I pray that this musical offering will be a part of a bridge between us all. I pray that we shall bring this music of the heart to all east and west people. May peace abide in us.

I wish to deeply thank the amazing musicians whom I worked with : Idan, Avi and Eyal, who brought all their wisdom and heart into it. I love you.

to my mom, Smadar, who helped financing the project, to Talia Kadishson,my cousin, a wonderful Canadian musician who inspired me to come back to music, and to Shimi Cohen, my angel therapist and healer.

profound gratitude for the composers :

Gabriel Yared, the composer of "Azur and Asmar", my humble gratitude for letting us use his and Souad Messi's song.

 Bruno Coulais for his "Song of the Sea" of the breath taking movie by Tomm Moore.

 Armand Amar , a divine entity of music and sacredness, for " the song of the Red Darwish" . To Ghazal Shakeri 's voice of angels. To Catherine-Ann MacPhee for her research and arrangement of ancient Viking songs.

and finally, love and endless gratitude to my late dad and aunt, Eldad Giberman and Dalia Cohen. they know exactly why.

Bless you all

Mor Carmi

Reihan,Cna'an 2018

Produced with the help of Acum's social and cultural fund  

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