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The first time I held Coleman Bark's book of Rumi was in Mexico, 2002. I eneterred a state of complete awe on the verge of shock, to how mere words can create such wonder, depth and sacredness. For me Rumi is Barks, and although it  is a modern version with interpretations of the source, the spirit and profound meaning were kept alive. Coleman Barks made Rumi and even Shams of Tabriz known to us. to me. Through his books and coments I enterred the world of the sacred, of the essence, of purified beauty. For me, Barks Rumi and Shams are one entity. 

I am eternily gratful for him. What a gift for humanity.

Since I was in my 20's I dreamt making music with Amir Shahsar, not knowing how vast his talent and knowledge in Persian music is. Amir made Rumi a living experience, not only in his superb Persian but in his percise frequency of the sacred. , and his being- from old , beautiful Persia. I am privilidged to have this project with him, which without it would be impossible. 

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